Limited edition prints and pricing

An edition is part of a set of original works of art intended for graphic reproduction and produced by or under the supervision of the artist.

Limited edition means the number of the prints is fixed. The number of the prints is decided in advance by the artist and no more can be created after they are sold out. This ensures the collector owns an original piece of art.

Pricing for limited editions is subject to change.

Certificate Of Authenticity

This certificate is a written document signed by the artist which attests the artworks’ legitimacy. This certificate ensures the protection of a limited edition artwork and contains various information about it: title of the work, name of the artist, location, year, medium, materials, dimensions and edition number.

Final paper sizes

Medium and larger prints have an additional 2inch/5cm of a white border. The final paper size is the size of the edition plus four inches, two on each side. For example: the final paper size for a 20X20 edition is 24X24 inches / 60.1X60.1 centimeters.

All xsmall editions (10X10) have an additional 1inch/2.54cm white border. for example: Final paper size for 10X10 edition would be 12X12inches.

Prints shipping

Most of my limited edition fine art prints are on demand. Therefore, please allow for at lest a week for testing and printing the art, prior to shipment.

All prints are shipped not framed, securely packed and rolled in a tube. Please feel free to contact me for framing recommendations.

Tax And VAT

Under New York law I am required to collect tax for sales in New York since my business is based there. This Tax cannot be calculated as part of the prints pricing and must be presented and added on top of it.

When shipping outside the US, VAT (Value Added Tax) could be automatically calculated by your Country's customs upon your item entering the country. Usually this is a small amount. Please check your countrys' policies to avoid any inconvenice.