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I have known what it is to be an outsider. A child of Hungary raised in a kibbutz in Israel; an Israeli immigrant in New York. Traversing these cultures as the newcomer was made more tenuous by my commitment to living unapologetically as a queer person. There is a deep injustice in being othered because of a truthful life, but through my art, I have found the beauty in it.

Those who are othered, foreign, or alien, are frequently seen as a threat or an interloper. While consistent with my own experience, the wisdom found in the classics provides an alternative narrative. In the pantheon of the ancients, the stranger was often a god in the trappings of mortals. In sacred texts, the traveler may be angelic or prophetic by story’s end.

I have claimed this hope- that those you do not understand may be a source of divinity not danger, evolution not erosion- and infused it into my work as a wholly ancient and modern assertion that not only affirms my own valid existence, but invites the broader culture to see all outsiders with the kindness of possibility and generosity of hospitality.​

This neo-neo-classical approach elevates my subject through celestial treatment with a rich palette and organic forms. Organic not just in fluidity and effusion, but down to the molecular, chemical base. My work, while otherworldly, is grounded in the material by my love of the natural sciences. A chemist by training (MS), my vision of the world is indelibly shaped by my knowledge of its substance. By always seeking to reveal what truly is - organ, vein, or spirit, I am able to craft the layers of what’s visible to reveal ever deeper truth.

In pursuing a panoramic vision of the minuscule and mighty, I have found both may be brought to life through photographic composites that blend physical reality with fine artistry in post-processing. It is both my hand and heart's work- as a lifetime of patience and growth, have taught me to composite my own identity in order that I might live both grounded and ascended. Literal and liberated. The foreigner, the neighbor. The lover, the ostracized. The scientist, the artist. The then and the now.

May you see yourself in the natural and supernatural of this work; may you be affirmed of your own worth in its reflecting pool; and may you do the same for every stranger you meet.

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