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About the Artist

Gelman, born in Hungary and raised in Israel, relocated to New York City in 2016, where he continued his education in photography at ICP and the Pratt Institute. Originally a biochemist, he left science to pursue art- a language that allows him to naviagte between the real and the surreal.

The young artist fuses photography and digital painting, using image manipulation techniques to create unique, dark and whimsical fantasy. His techniques enables visuals, previously only in his mind, to come together through dynamic postures and dark colors. Gelman aspires to tell an entire story with a single image.

More of his work was recently exhibited at "Yafo Creative" gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Artist Statement

"I am a pragmatist and a dreamer. My aesthetic focuses on connections between forces of nature and the human body. I have an urge to understand how the elements work together, and how we, as people, are affected by them. I tend to create images with a "darker feel" to shed light on mysteries that are unknown to us. Human beings are pattern recognizers, and as such, we see things that are not always there. We prescribe meanings to natural phenomena that often don't carry any. Therefore, I use the elements in my works to open them up to viewers' interpretations."


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