Mati Gelman is a commercial and fine art photographer. He earned a Bachelors in Science in Biochemistry from the Technion - The Israeli Institute of Technology in Haifa and a Masters in Science in Chemistry from The Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv. Mati turned to photography after moving to New York City in 2016. Mostly self-taught, he continued his education at The International Center for Photography (ICP) and Pratt Institute in New York City.

Mati's images explore sexuality, queerness, and human integration with nature, sparking a sense of unease. ‚ÄčOriginally a chemist manipulating matter and molecules, Mati now manipulates pictures and pixels with a focus on accentuating that exploration.


2017 Afterglow Off-Broadway

2018 safeword Off-Broadway

2019 Medusa Off-Broadway

2019 Counting Sheep Off-Broadway

2019 Ecovillage Off-Broadway

2019 Diaspora Off-Broadway


2020 More Art Please Gallery The Conceptual Effect group exhibition

2020 PhotoPlace Gallery Constructed Reality group exhibition

2019 FxCollaborative Gallery Liberation group exhibition 

2019 SMUSH Gallery In the In Between group exhibition  

2019 Artsy and Dabart Stories online exhibition

2019 PhotoPlace Gallery Alternate Realities group exhibition   

2018 Yafo Creative Gallery Peacocks group exhibition                

2018 ViewPoint Gallery International Photography group exhibition  


2020 6th Annual Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA)

2019 5th Annual Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA)    

2019 Fourth Annual International Photography Contest 35AWARDS 

2018 UMBRA - International Photography Awards

2018 Chromatic Awards - International Color Photography Contest   

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