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Video Blog: "From Concept To Final Image"

When was the last time you truly felt inspired to create something?

I am referring to that feeling in your stomach, this feeling of partial anxiety, when your mind is racing around an idea and everything else in world takes the back seat, even for a moment. I don't think this adrenaline rush should be ignored. It can lead you to a whole new world.

There are plenty of books written about creativity and inspiration; I know because I am reading a lot of those recently. But what I realized is that inspiration can be extremely infectious, mostly by action. Reading something inspiring can give you a "mental permission" to go ahead and create. But what about seeing someone else doing it? I get inspired to create by seeing my fellow creatives doing the work. The action of creating is infections, in the most positive way. Actions are louder than words, right?

So, we came together and made this video. Becase we inspired each other, and we wanted put it out there for others. To "give permission" by action. Permission to be creative, to dream, to be weird, to express ourselves, to have fun, to play around, to get to know each other, to create something meaningful, to be a partof something, to put effort into art, and also to make mistakes.

The critique is in your head

Everytime I get an idea there is a part of me that says things like:

"Oh maybe you shouldn't do that"
"This is too provocative"
"This is stupid"
"I have more important things to do"
"I don't have time for this"
"What difference will it make?"
"You suck"

And if you are worried about other people critisizing you, try to understand where you stand. Creating something and putting it out there takes some guts. If it was so easy to create then everyone would be doing it right?

So put yourself out there, and give yourself the permission to create

Video: Austine Nunes

Artistic Director: S. Asher Gelman

Model: Eric Berey

Assistants: Jonathan Cahape, Taylor Derwin and Tom Kordenbrock



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